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 Presidential aircraft are a symbol of power for many countries, and governments spend millions of dollars every year maintaining their "official fleet". Although owning a presidential aircraft might seem the safest and most convenient way to move a head of state around the world, not every government chooses that option. A good example is the UK, which doesn't own a presidential, or in their case an official aircraft for their Prime Minister. Instead, that country chooses to lease a commercial aircraft to take the PM around the world, so sometimes you'll see him on a Virgin Atlantic (normally an a340), and others in a British Airways aircraft.

The president of the United States though, is a different story, and the most famous "presidential aircraft" is the Air Force One, which is a highly modified 747 called the VC-25, which has many secret features and others which are a bit obvious, including its ability to refuel in-flight, anti missile equipment, etc. Before the VC-25 the US used a Boeing 707 (called VC-137) as the Air Force One.

When the US president flies on the aircraft the usual operation consists of two identical VC-25s, one carrying the president and the other used as a "distraction". The aircraft contain a fully operational presidential office which can be used to hold any type of emergency meeting.

Here you can see a screenshot of Air Force One in FSX in the platform of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (FSX payware scenery). The aircraft looks just like in real life, it flies very nicely and we definitely recommend you to download it with my new b747 vc texture upgrade!

Here you can watch a TV documentary about the Air Force One which is really interesting!

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