miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

b787 vs a350

The Dream is back... but its competitor just took off!

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner didn't have an easy start. Years ago, the FAA grounded the DC-10 after an accident in which more than 200 people died. Now, things are different, and the 787 remained grounded for more than three months after several incidents with the lithium-powered batteries that didn't cost any lives. During the grounding, the media focused its attention in discussing the safety of the aircraft, and some airlines and many passengers started to raise doubts about the newand composite material-made aircraft.

Luckily, the grounding is over and the 787 is back in the skies, with no major issues after it's reappearance. But the comeback won't be the smoothest thing in the world, as its competitor, the Airbus a350 just took off on its first flight and is expected to enter service in late 2014. The 787 is slightly smaller, with a max load of 242 passengers, while the a350 will be able to carry 270. Nevertheless, the Dreamliner has 876 orders from 53 airlines while the a350 has 505 orders from 32 customers. Although it seems that both airliners are similar and direct competitors, it won't always be the case, as some airlines such as British Airways will be using both to substitute the 747.

Airbus might benefit from the grounding of the 787, as both airliners use very similar batteries and the European manufacturer has had enough time to correct mistakes that undoubtedly rise in the development of new technologies.

Some media outlets are now talking about a new "plane war" between these two fantastic machines, which is great news for aviation enthusiasts like us!

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