lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Gulfstream G-650

The Gulfstream G-650 is one of the best private jets in the market. Some would compare it to a Bentley or Rolls Royce, in other words, a top end product with the most refined technical specifications that provide reliability and security in the sky. It is Gulfstream's largest and fastest airplane, reaching a speed of Mach .95.

The first G-650 was delivered in December 2012 and surely part of its success will be related to its ultra long range (more than 7,000 miles) which means that it can fly nonstop from Buenos Aires to New York City. But not everything has been good news with this new airplane. In 2011 a G-650 doing a test flight crashed during take off (simulating an engine failure as part of its certification programme) killing all four crew on board. That sad episode has been left behind and the aircraft has become incredibly successful as it can carry up to 18 people making it an ideal product for governments, corporations and other business entities.

Here you can read a report about flying in this amazing aircraft which includes excellent pictures by our friends of the website "Airline Reporter".

As of now 68 G-650s have been delivered, here you can see the full list including the buyer and country of registration:

The plane has become so popular that whenever a used G-650 hits the market it can be sold for up to $75 million USD.

In FSX the only way to fly this amazing aircraft to date is by AI aircraft model because there isn't a G650 payware model in the market yet.

The problem is without VC so we decided to make a similar crj default vc  2d function with all its instruments working to this aircraft, with outside good view.It is in beta version to date asap we will upload this cockpit.

The key to a good quality AI aircraft model is low polygon counts and multiple levels of detail (LOD) in the model. Models with high polygon counts and only one or two LOD's will drain your system resources and reduce frame rates. AI aircraft modellers have begun to consider these factors, and combined with a good quality layered paint kit, more and more third generation AI models are appearing.

Soon you can enjoy flying this amazing aircraft with our great repaint and re-engineering for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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