domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

Hanhwa Airlines Challenger 300

Real Photo of C-GNPT

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is an extraordinary business jet capable of traveling between continents making it an excellent choice for VIP transport with almost no need of making refueling stops between flights. This aircraft has not only seen great success in the business jet industry but also China based airline Hanhwa has chosen it as part of its fleet. This is a very interesting case as it's not common to see an airline having a business model that allows for a jet like the Challenger 300 to be part of its fleet. From its base in Dalian, China it offers flights to several Eastern Asian locations including Singapore, Yakarta and Yangoon. By 2020 the airline aims to operate around 40 aircraft.

This time we have uploaded the original photo of the aircraft painted with the Hanhwa Airlines livery and we have compared it with our original repaint that we recently produced for all the simmer community to enjoy.

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As promised here are photos of  Hanhwa Airlines (C-GNPT) Challenger 300 repaint for fsx:

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