lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Carenado King_Air 200 (Payware)

I comment about King-Air 200 (KA-200) Carenado (payware). Searching in the web a turboprop aircraft like ATR-72, etc, to add a VC cockpit that I have found so far, in this search I found good reviews on King-Air 200 from Carenado to is a magnificent plane and wanted to compare with the King-Air 90 (KA-90) that I have installed in FSX. I obtain this plane KA-200, and install it. I like to fly this turboprop because it has a great performance in his power takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing.

Also I make a test flight with an engine failure after rotation speed (VR) and it is stable to climb with one engine and around the emergency procedure in landing instruments, and everything works perfect.

One Engine failure:

Climb one engine failure:

ILS app. one engine failure:

The cockpit is silently, the sound of flaps and landing gear are great, Also includes and instruments Avidyne Multifunction Display B200, EFIS System Components, VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR ELECTRONIC & TCAS (TRAFFIC COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM), GPS Annunciation Control Unit, Terrain Awareness Annunciation Control Unit B200. Emergency Procedures & Normal Procedures checklist B200. Also a Performance tables that makes a complete payware aircraft.

Only for my personal use I add My Icons window to the panel.cfg: Commander CpitCmdr, ATC, Autopilot, Map, GPS, Compass, AirportID and King Air Throttle Quadrant windows to have a more pleasant flight.

I recommend it because it is very close to reality as one of the planes that I flew was the King Air-90 (TP-208).

Congratulations to Carenado payware aircraft!

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