viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

FSX Boeing 747-8i Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic Boeing 747-800i FlightSim Workshop announces the launch of our original paint scheme of the fictional Virgin Galactic Boeing 747-800i. We have developed this unique livery to join the greatness of the 747-8i with the extraordinary project of Virgin Galactic. This fictional aircraft has all the original elements of Virgin Galactic's corporate identity, with the famous "eye" in the tail, using the original "Galactic font", an image of the moon representing the universe and the traditional logo of the galactic astronaut with the Virgin Galactic flag. Of course Virgin Galactic will have its special spaceships to send people to space in commercial flights, so this 747-800 would be used to fly passengers from Europe or other parts of the world to Spaceport America in New Mexico, where all space flights will depart. At FlightSim Workshop we are always thinking of new innovative products to improve your FlightSim experience, and we believe that this unique product of great quality achieves that and more. We hope you enjoy it and please send us your feedback!

Soon on this blog the Virgin Galactic:

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