martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

FSX747-400/800 Night Cockpit Texture Upgrade screenshots

These screenshots are from night cockpit views with lights in different positions for a nice  views for pilots.

Main cockpit view:

Copilot view:

New autopilot with green lights buttons:

Flight Engineer view:

Right jump seat view:

Left jump seat and back views:

Center pedestal view:

Overhead view:

Pilot overhead view:

Pilot right jump seat view:

New Left and Right engines views of the B747-800:

Left passenger view:

Passenger stair night view:

Push back tug car night view:

B747-VC_textures upgrade in download section! (

Have a nice flights!

Thanks, Enrique Cornejo

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  1. The B747 upgrade night textures are awesome and the position cockpit lights are very real finally somebody make like payware cockpit to the default fsx thanks Enrique!