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FSX747-400/800 Cockpit Texture Upgrade screenshots

This is a VC texture upgrade for the FSX-B747 Upgraded  Cockpit advanced. I have made some changes to the textures to view like a real an modern flight deck B747. You can see the difference between the normal VC and the new textures that are awesome, so take a look to the images below.

Note: "N" means normal cockpit and "U" means new upgrade cockpit textures. 

1.- N-Virtual Cockpit view:

U-New Virtual Cockpit view:

2.- N-Central windshield:

U-Central windshield with contour colors:

3.- N-Left up side:

U-Left up side with light brown, blue and white texture that seems more wide:

4.- N-Right window side view:

U-Right window side view:

5.- N-Right jump seat side view:

U-Right jump seat side view. I change the texture and color tapestry of the seats also the carpet is in monochromatic red color:

6.- N-Left up backside:

U-Left up backside:

7.- N-Left window side view:

U:-Left window side view where you can see the great difference with the old one:

8.- N-Center windshield:

U-Center windshield now is in monochromatic white color it seems more wide:

9.- N-Mast and Yoke:

U-Mast and Yoke now it looks like new and awesome. I add the Boeing logo:

10.- N-Power throttles:

U-Power throttles with different color but monochromatic also the throttle base have chrome details:

11.- N-Flight management system screen:

U-Flight management system screen now with push power button that light in green color:

12.- N-Handle for rudder pedals:

U-Handle for rudder pedals and spoilers warning box. You can see the real difference in the handle lever and in the box warning detail:

13.- N-Carpet, rest pedals view:

U-Carpet, rest pedals view. Now the rest foot are in chrome with new texture and the carpet is in monochromatic red color is awesome:

14,- N-Parking brake, lever:

U-Parking brake, with chrome lever:

15.- N-Left screen:

U-Left screen:

16.- N-Full Left view:

U-Full Left view:

17.- N-Manuals compartment right view:

U-Manuals compartment right view with chrome details and FMC guide manual:

18.- N-Overhead panel view:

U-Overhead panel view with detail colors:

19.- N-Right jump seat view:

U-Right jump seat view:

20.- N-PFD and MDF pop up screens:

U-PFD and MFD pop up, correct resize screens and clock with orange colors. If you take a look to the clock now the numbers are in orange color for a better view:

21.- N-Nav-Gps and ND switches text:

U-Nav-Gps and ND switches in correct text position:

22.- N-Left up side knob:

U-Left up side knob with gold ring detail also the Shade guide:

23.- N-Door exit announcer:

U-New door exit announcer:

24.- N-Under the grid door:

U-Light under the grid door and the seat advertisement:

25.- N-Central console:

U-New central console view. I have in consideration to make some arrangements to the console instruments:

The following images are from the new upgrade texture cockpit views where you can see the new awesome textures:

1.-Pilot instrument view:

2.-Pilot suit compartment with a jacket suit from left jump seat view:

3.-Front right jump seat view:

4.-Front left jump seat view:

5.-Behind the left jump seat where you can see perfect the take off, approach and landing views:

In summary, this new b747 upgrade cockpit texture quality is like a payware cockpits. If you like this b747-upgrade cockpit textures requested me by email!

Check this videos are really awesome!

British Airways Boeing 747-400 in D-Check

Onboard Air Force One

I have considered to make a partnership with other Flightsim experts to create a Boeing-787 VC cockpit. If you are interested in developing this project with me and know how to make virtual cockpit polygons please send me an e-mail to or by twitter:@flightsimblogs

                                                               Real b787 Flight deck

Have a nice flights!

Thanks, Enrique Cornejo

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  1. It is one of the best textures that are designed to upgrade cockpits for default FSX B747, congratulations!

  2. Thanks, will soon be available these textures. Check this blog periodically or by Twitter @flightsimblogs.