sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

FSX747-800 Cockpit Texture Upgrade

 B747-400/800 Cockpit Texture Upgrade

We just finished the improvement textures of the B747 advanced upgraded Cockpit for FSX We know that flying on FSX is a great experience and we always work to make it even better. The original 747 cockpit is nice but we realized that several details could be improved. For example, some materials looked quite old, some gauges weren't correctly displayed, etc. 

For example, we changed the texture and color of the yoke, parking break, and we even added a pilot suit hanging on a hook in the corner of the cockpit, just to mention a few things of what we did. This new version that we will launch soon will be perfect if you use the cockpit in the new 747-800, which is a great aircraft by the way!

Soon we will upload some pictures in which you will be able to compare the normal cockpit with our improved version. We are sure you'll enjoy it! Happy landings and greetings from the Flightsim Workshop Team.

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